Success on the go: How embracing a mobile CRM will improve your business

April 17, 2024 5 min. read

The invention of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software changed the real estate industry for the better. Now the introduction of mobile CRM apps is revolutionizing it, leading to increased sales, productivity boosts and greater flexibility in the field. Here are three reasons your business will benefit from using the rlpSPHERETM app.

For years, real estate professionals around the world have shared the benefits of one powerful technology: Client Relationship Management (CRM) software. The technology revolutionized lead management and sales efforts for REALTORS® and brokers alike, allowing agents to track relationships, set follow-up reminders and keep a detailed sales pipeline. Over time, the software evolved to optimize sales funnels, providing valuable automations and analytical statistics to improve productivity, sales performance and client retention.

Instead of being bound by the restrictions of the office, mobile enabled CRMs — like rlpSPHERE — allow you to take your business on the road with its mobile app, engaging with leads and nourishing your sphere of influence from anywhere. Research also shows that mobile CRM solutions are making agents and brokers more productive while closing more deals.

Whether you’re a new, experienced or veteran agent, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the flexibility and autonomy that comes with a mobile-enabled CRM.

Here are three ways the rlpSPHERE app can improve your business:

More Sales

Research shows that users of mobile CRMs achieve better results. A Nucleus Research report found that 65% of those who regularly use a mobile CRM achieve their sales quotas, while only 22% of those using non-mobile CRMs have reached the same targets.

Plus, a CRM can increase revenue by 41% and improve customer retention by as much as 27%, leading to an increase in future opportunities, according to data from Trackvia.

Using the rlpSPHERE app, you’re able to prospect on the go, expanding your sphere of influence  organically while remaining agile in the field. This is especially important for new agents looking to quickly close on their first transaction.

Better Productivity

Statistics from Forester show that 50% of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM. Similar research from Salesforce suggests that individual productivity can increase by up to 34% by leveraging a CRM app.

CRM solutions such as rlpSPHERE are designed to shoulder the burden of routine tasks, allowing you to focus on the substantial work you are passionate about. By leveraging the powerful features of rlpSPHERE on the go, you’re able to remain responsive and take action with leads faster, resulting in a higher chance to convert.

Easier Succession Planning and Talent Retention

If you’re a veteran agent with succession planning in mind, you understand the importance of investing in your business to increase its value. A proven track record of using new products and technology like the rlpSPHERE mobile app is a great way to increase your business’s value. Potential buyers may be more inclined to purchase your business at a higher cost if opportunities for future growth are evident.

If you’re still in the expansion phase, up-and-coming, tech-minded agents will be drawn to the opportunity to work with a team that leverages technology to empower greater success and individual growth.

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