Elevate your success with online leads using automated nurturing

February 23, 2024 6 min. read

Online leads require immediate and frequent attention in order to convert to closed sales. But, you don’t need to dedicate your entire day to answering inquiries in order to see success. In this article, you’ll learn how you can leverage rlpSPHERE Smart Campaigns to nurture and convert more leads.

Timing is everything – especially when it comes to converting leads.

You might be surprised to learn that most online leads close at a rate of just one per cent or less. Why? Because most agents are unable to engage with those leads right away.

Real estate is not immune to the consumer demand for speed. In this e-commerce world, consumers are 100 times more likely to buy what’s in their carts if they receive a prompt for free shipping while they’re shopping. Today’s homebuyers have a similar mentality.

Prospects are much more likely to qualify as leads when they receive an immediate response from an agent. But according to industry data, half of online leads go unanswered, and those that do receive a response often will not hear from an agent for 15 hours on average.

In many cases, agents make only one or two attempts to connect with an online lead and these leads could potentially move on if they don’t connect right away.

The truth is, online leads require immediate and frequent attention in order to convert to closed sales.

By responding to an online lead in five minutes, you are 100 times more likely to qualify that lead (versus following up in 30 minutes). Further, online leads typically convert between the sixth and twelfth contact attempts. In other words, the greater your speed and frequency of outreach, the better your chances of connecting.

Royal LePage has created nurturing Smart Campaigns for new online leads that live in our tech ecosystem, rlpSPHERE, last up to six months and are over 90 per cent automated. Drip campaign content is targeted to converting prospective buyers and sellers with value-add educational content that engages and informs future clients. Plus, you are sent follow-up tasks so no lead is forgotten as they progress through your sales funnel.

With Smart Campaigns, we’ve taken the guesswork out of nurturing so you can automate your touchpoints and stay top of mind with new leads.

As an agent, leveraging Smart Campaigns is a surefire way to increase your success, allowing you to stay on top of potential leads. Once a lead enters the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ecosystem, your lead receives a message from you instantaneously, allowing you to make immediate connections with your prospects.

We know that you are constantly on the go, and may not have the time to come up with catchy scripts and strategic messaging to nurture your potential clients. Smart Campaigns has pre-set messaging within the platform to take the guesswork out of copywriting. The messaging is crafted based on years of research and best practices to ensure the most effective language is used for your client communications. 

One of the many advantages of setting up Smart Campaigns is that it can help you capture leads as soon as they express interest, and also helps to keep your leads nurtured throughout the process. Many potential clients may express interest in a property, or want to connect with an agent, but they may not be ready to buy or sell right away. Once they land in your database, your Smart Campaign will continue to nurture them for up to six months with content that positions you as a thought leader and expert in your field. When the day comes that they are ready to make the move, you will be top of mind. 

The relationship with your clients doesn’t stop there — Smart Campaigns allows you to continue nurturing your database, even after they have transacted. This helps keep the lines of communication open and offers opportunities for referral business.

Once you log into your CRM, the system is designed to ensure your success. The easy-to-use platform walks you through all the necessary steps to get your campaign set up, providing you with guidance along the way. 

Are you ready to convert more leads by automatically nurturing your pipeline? Visit royallepage.ca/joinus to be connected with a broker in your area.

If you are a Royal LePager looking to learn more about the Royal LePage Smart Leads solution, visit rlpNetwork or get in touch with your broker to sign up.