The Key to Growth is How You Invest Your Time

November 1, 2023 5 min. read

Diana Campbell, Royal LePage’s 2022 A.E. LePage REALTOR® of the Year award winner for Quebec, shares her advice for agents looking to grow their business.

Time is the most valuable currency there is in real estate—especially when it comes to your professional growth.

Investing your time wisely, whether it be through career learning, peer networking, or nurturing leads, is a fantastic way to achieve growth as a REALTOR®. Diana Campbell, Royal LePage’s 2022 A.E. LePage REALTOR® of the Year award winner for Quebec, knows this better than anyone.

After launching her career in 2007, Diana used her passion for life-long learning to fuel her success and build a business based largely on referrals. We asked her to share her advice for up-and-coming agents looking to grow their businesses.

Here’s our conversation:

What motivates you as an agent, and where does your inspiration come from?

I’ve always been a self-starter. I grew up playing sports, which helped me build a strong foundation for hard work and self-motivation. I love what I do—I love my team and our culture, and working with a great group of peers makes going to work easy. I also love learning and trying new things. Improvement and growth are key motivators for me.

What advice would you share with a fellow agent who is looking to build a successful career?

1. Don’t expect growth to be easy! You have to do the work to see the rewards.

2. Take advantage of the training, coaching and learning opportunities within your brokerage and offered by Royal LePage Canada. Your peers are your greatest source of inspiration!

3. When you’re starting out, time is your greatest asset. Be available and proactive with your clients, and invest your time in the right places, such as growing your skills or expanding your network.

What productivity advice do you have for agents who are looking to grow their business?

Understand the difference between “busy work” and “money-making work.” Both are important, but scheduling a minimum of two hours per day to do tasks that will generate income is critical for your overall growth.

It’s also important to keep to a schedule for your week. The real estate profession can take you all over the place—setting anchors to create a routine for your week will help keep you organized and on task. Plus, you’ll feel good about your day or week because you’ll know that you’re working towards accomplishing your goals.

What is your best day as a REALTOR® so far?

That’s a hard one—I’ve had so many good days in my career. Our amazing fundraising days and client appreciation parties stand out for me. Our business is largely referral-based, so the ability to touch base with our community and give back is very important to me. There are also the little daily wins, like winning the listing or beating multiple offers to secure a client their dream home. Or, better yet, celebrating a teammate’s first sale! I can’t pick just one.
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