How our Customer Care team empowers agents, brokers and consumers

October 3, 2022 3 min. read

Patrick Rioux, Manager of Operations and Customer Care, reflects on how Royal LePage sets itself apart with outstanding customer service

We asked Royal LePage’s top leadership to share their insights into staying productive and inspiring collaboration.

We sat down with Patrick Rioux, Manager of Operations and Customer Care, and asked him to reflect on how Royal LePage sets itself apart with outstanding customer service.

Here’s our conversation:

What sets Royal LePage apart for customer service and how is the team dedicated to helping people?

The Royal LePage Customer Care team is dedicated to helping our network of brokers, agents and administrators find success in their business by providing solutions to problems they may encounter. When we have a consumer reach out, the team professionally handles simple property inquiries to more complex escalations or complaints. 

The Customer Care team handles over 1,500 inquiries per month, inclusive of phone and email inquiries. We strive to answer every call within 45 seconds and answer 70 per cent of emails within 48 hours.

What inspires you most about your team?

Our team is filled with people who are genuinely eager to support the network with any issue they encounter, which trickles down to every aspect of the business. Brokers and agents feel supported in navigating their technology and business management-related issues, which empowers each person to perform at a higher level.

The best part is, this community of support trickles down directly to the consumer. Not only are they able to come to us with any questions they might have about our services or public-facing website features, they are more likely to get the experience they deserve from our agents and brokers.

Plus, we’re a fully bilingual team, which gives us the ability to help brokers, agents and consumers from across the country without sacrificing communication.

If you have questions or need help, contact the Royal LePage Customer Care team at or call 1-877-757-4545, we’re here to help!