Enhancing REALTOR® Safety: The Importance of Personal Security

November 21, 2023 4 min. read

In the real estate industry, prioritizing personal safety is crucial for agents who often meet unfamiliar clients and visit various new locations. Equipping themselves with personal security devices is an essential tool for selling confidently. Fortunately, modern developments in personal security make it easier for you to stay empowered.

REALTOR® Paola and her daughter have already integrated TELUS SmartWear Security into their daily routine, using it at school, work and everywhere in between. “TELUS SmartWear is now a part of my family’s everyday life,” Paola says.

Ensuring Personal Safety

Personal safety should be a top priority for real estate professionals, whether you are conducting open houses, or meeting potential clients in secluded locations. Personal security devices serve as powerful deterrents to potential threats and provide reassurance, allowing you to focus on your work without worry. These devices come with advanced features, such as panic buttons and time-based GPS tracking, enabling you to alert authorities and loved ones with a simple double-click.

Mitigating Risk in Remote Locations

You likely need to travel to unfamiliar neighborhoods or isolated properties when showing homes, which may expose you to potential risks. Personal security devices equipped with opt-in location tracking services can help ensure your safety by allowing you to share your whereabouts with colleagues or loved ones in real time. TELUS SmartWear Security offers an opt-in Activity Tracker feature that monitors your safety, particularly when you are working alone or during late hours.

Emergency Response at the Touch of a Button

In order to minimize uncomfortable situations, it’s important to be able to discreetly and quickly access your trusted contacts. Devices like SmartWear make it easy to alert emergency services without alerting other parties around you. Whether it’s an uncomfortable client interaction, an unfamiliar environment, or any other circumstance you’d rather avoid, knowing help is just a double-click away instills a sense of confidence and security.

In an industry where personal safety is paramount, it’s important to prioritize your well-being by equipping yourself with personal security devices. The TELUS SmartWear Security system offers REALTORS® an advanced and comprehensive solution, empowering them with cutting-edge features accessible with a double-click. By embracing new technologies like SmartWear Security, you can focus on serving your clients, knowing that you’ve taken crucial steps to ensure your own safety. Invest in your peace of mind and make personal security a top priority.

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