Building Personal Connections with Clients is Key to Growth, Says This REALTOR® of the Year 2022 Award Winner

December 21, 2023 5 min. read

Royce Finley, Royal LePage’s 2022 A.E. LePage REALTOR® of the Year award winner for the Prairies, shares how his commitment to building personal connections with clients has propelled his team’s success

In an industry so often dominated by numbers, it pays to focus on personal connections.

We asked Royce Finley, Royal LePage’s 2022 A.E. LePage REALTOR® of the Year award winner for the Prairies, what sets his team apart, and why it is important to invest so much time and effort into your client relationships.

Here’s our conversation: 

What motivates you and what inspires you to do more for your clients?

I was passionate about real estate long before getting my license after purchasing rental properties for myself. Once I became licensed, I wanted to help people achieve their own real estate goals without the stresses that come along with buying or selling.  

What drives me is the satisfaction of knowing that I can make a positive impact with my clients, colleagues and in my community. I find it incredibly motivating to tackle the challenges I may face head-on, and find creative solutions that benefit my clients. It’s the thrill of problem-solving and overcoming hurdles that keeps me engaged and inspired in my career.

What productivity tools contribute to your daily and overall success?

My team and I have learned a lot through trial and error, when it comes to the daily tools we use to increase our productivity. Some have been self-discovered and others have been recommended by other colleagues. I’ve learned what works for one doesn’t always work for all. For my team, we’ve found a to-do list app has been one of the tools that has changed our communication levels for the better. Outside of that, we use Google Workspace for everything. Within Google Workspace, we have created a system where we can access everything we need at a moment’s notice, whether we’re in the office or on the road.

What sets your team apart?

I have to say it’s our consistency. By this I mean it doesn’t matter if you’re working with me, one of my team members or my assistant, you will without a doubt get the same excellent service from any one of us. Because we are a team, each client sees a continuous service-level across the entire group. We have built personal relationships with each other and have created a team dynamic like no other, and I truly believe this shows through to our clients. 

We also set ourselves apart with constant communication with our clients, setting an expectation with them through each step of their transaction. We’ve built incredible connections with our network this way. I have clients I go quadding (bird watching) with each year, another team member has a few clients she gets together with for dinner occasionally—and one team member even bonded with a client’s young daughter who tells everyone “she wants to be like Nancy when she grows up.” We all genuinely value every relationship we have. No client is ever just a transaction.

What’s one piece of advice you would share with a fellow agent who is looking to build a successful career?

Be kind, approachable, communicative, and educate your clients. Real estate is a demanding industry, but with unwavering commitment to consistency and delivering exceptional service, success will naturally follow. Maintaining humility and gratitude along the journey is the cornerstone of constructing a thriving business rooted in serving others.

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