The Homeowner – Fall edition available now

The Homeowner Fall 2020 now available in rlpSPHERE

The Homeowner Fall 2020 print and eNewsletter editions are now available for you to share with your clients.

eNewsletter > Log into
Here is how to set up The Homeowner to send via email to your contacts:

  1. Select Marketing Autopilot from the main menu
  2. Choose “Scheduled Mass Email” > Schedule
  3. Choose “+ Schedule Email” on the right
  4. Decide who you want to send this newsletter to:
    – A saved filter
    – A Hashtag group e.g. “newsletter” OR
    – Contacts with a status e.g. “Sphere”
  5. Choose the Date and Time
  6. In the Template field, search and select this template:
    *RLP The Homeowner Q2 2020 9. September 1
  7. We’ve included your agent signature into the design, so you do not need to select it
  8. Hit “Schedule”

Watch our short step-by-step video tutorial on how to launch the quarterly eNewsletter.

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