Avoid these social media pitfalls

Each month, we cover some common mistakes made by real estate pros on their social media. We also offer a remedy for each.  For April, we start with making your Facebook business page easier for your friends to find.

Common pitfall: Not having a link to your business page on your personal page. Great, you have a business page, however, no one can find it unless you tell them the name of your page. This is also why your page has very few likes and followers.

Remedy: Go to the “About” section of your personal Facebook page where it says “Work.” Add to your work history by adding the name of your Facebook business page.

Now your business Facebook page will be listed on your personal page, which will allow those who view your personal page to easily find your business page. This drives traffic and increases your likes and followers.

Source: Italina Kirknis, repurposed from Inman.com, March 5, 2018. Italina is an online presence expert and speaker who helps the Real Estate community, among others, to upgrade their presence online through LinkedIn, Facebook, and email newsletters.

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