The 4 C’s of success from RRi on our recent Sales Success webinar

In October’s Sales Success webinar, Richard Robbins (from Richard Robbins International) highlighted 4 C’s that every real estate professional needs to master in order to achieve success.

The 4 C’s to master in order to achieve success are:

  1. Commitment: Successful people are 100% committed to their goals.  No doctor wants to “try out being a doctor, and see how it goes.”  They make a seven year commitment in education before they can even start.  To be successful, determine your personal and professional commitments and prioritize your time to follow-through every day.
  2. Curiosity: Those who succeed are lifelong learners striving to identify better ways to do things and deliver for their clients.  They aim to identify the knowledge required to get them to the next level of their business.  To be succesful, stay curious, learn from your peers and identify what will take you to the next level.
  3. Courage: Succeeding on another level requires fear and risk.  Every successful Chairman’s Club member started with one call, knock, email, etc.  Fear turns into normality if you have the courage to face it.  To be successful, identify the things that, even though they might scare you, would catapult you to another level. Knocking on a door? Recording that first video? When you have the courage to take new action, you develop…
  4. Confidence: Successful people look, walk and talk with confidence.  But they didn’t find confidence or buy it.  They developed it via the first 3 C’s.  A commitment to making something happen, a curiosity to determine how to do it and the courage to move outside of their comfort zone.

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