Selling a House in 2017: new Trends in Real Estate Marketing

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Gone are the days when putting a “for sale” sign on the front lawn and holding a few open houses would be enough to sell a house. Information technology is changing how real estate is marketed. Here’s a look at the current trends.

We knew this already, but it’s more true now than ever: social networks have become indispensable tools for selling a property. In 2017, an active online presence is an essential for brokers – not only to publish advertisements for the properties they’re looking to sell but also to facilitate interaction with their clients and their peers.

Sharing and commenting on articles about neighbourhoods in which you are particularly active, highlighting your sale with a young couple when they take possession of their first home or organizing contests are great ways to use social networks to build solid client-realtor relationships.

While virtual reality devices are still marginal, is there something better than simply taking pictures of every room in the house? How about a video… they’re all the rage on social media. In addition to giving a tour of each room in the house, you can use video to show off the landscape or the neighbourhood and include the services and amenities found in the area.

As of 2017, the real estate sector can no longer turn a blind eye to new technologies!

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