It’s always a perfect time to embrace change

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Phil Soper, President and CEO

To fight change because it is not good for us today is a fool’s game. It is the buggy whip manufacturer protesting the automobile as too dangerous to be allowed on city streets. Change that benefits the consumer must be embraced, even if it is initially perceived as a threat to the service provider; to the status quo.

People, and particularly young people, those digital natives who are the housing industry’s first time buyers, have already voted. They want information and convenience. As Janna Anderson, a professor at Elon University and writer on the future of the internet has said, “people have proven that they will give away personal information for something as small as a free cup of coffee.”

The pace of change in the real estate industry over the last decade has increased rapidly.

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One thought on “It’s always a perfect time to embrace change

  1. Appreciate this post and the article in the magazine which delves into it more deeply (the later is recommend reading). Thank you.

    Personally, I’ve found the most difficult aspect of change is simply “accepting it”. The problem is we know success requires that I more than just accept it… I must embrace it. Based on a change that was imposed on me last year I now ask the question… “What am I grateful for about the change?” It causes me to reframe how I look at the change and enables me to see possibilities that were previously invisible. I strongly encourage this practice. If you want to learn about the odd experience that taught me this lesson, check out the blog at

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