Royal LePage partnership offers

Pricing and offers negotiated exclusively for you!

Aeroplan: Reward your client with Aeroplan miles on their closed transactions by purchasing 500 Aeroplan miles for every $10,000 in property price, up to 15,000 miles for $540 plus applicable taxes.Partner_Offers_Nov_2015

GoodLife: Renew your GoodLife membership for $404 plus applicable taxes, starting Jan. 15, 2016 for one year. Fees are prorated to the month you start your membership.

DocuSign: Sign documents electronically from anywhere on any device. Royal LePagers save $50 on new annual plan – a reduction from $240 to $190 !

Tiffany & Co. offers Royal LePage an opportunity to mark special client milestones including closing gifts, holiday, birthdays, referrals and more with a gift from Tiffany & Co.

For details on all of our preferred suppliers, contact or visit > Marketing > Preferred Suppliers

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