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Profile, Group or Page: What’s the difference?


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Understanding the differences between Facebook profiles, pages and groups can help form your social media strategy:

  • Profile: Your personal presence on Facebook. It is the required piece to creating pages or joining groups. From here you can grow your Facebook presence to include Groups and Pages. Facebook does not condone use of personal profiles for business purposes.
  • Pages: This is your business presence on Facebook, where people can understand more about you and your brand. Most Pages on Facebook serve a promotional purpose. Celebrities, brands, business are most likely to have a Facebook Page as they are publicly open and allow for direct promotions and advertising, however, a Social Marketer understands even a Facebook Page requires engagement and discussion. As well Pages allow for targeted paid ads to a specific audience.
  • Groups:  Groups allow interaction on a specific topic, and can be closed or open. For example: Canadian Real Estate Technology Support Group. This example is a group of Canadian REALTORS® who are interested in understanding how technology impacts their business. The Royal LePager’s Groups help our network by sharing best practices and common interests of Royal LePage professionals across Canada.

These elements are discussed in detail in the Social Marketer Designation online learning program. You’ll learn how to use the various Facebook elements to form your social media strategy. > Training > Designations > Social Marketer Designation


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2 thoughts on “Tips for using Facebook

  1. Hi Mike,

    Speaking of Facebook – I need help….I am having a major problem trying to figure something out, and I just can’t. I’ve scoured the help logs…. and nothing.

    You sound like you may be an expert – so I’d like to ask you this question; if you can’t help, thats ok. I’ll just continue tearing my hair out. Can you suggest someone that I can go to, to solve this:

    On my profile page, in the “about” section, there is an “overview” section – which looks like it is generated automatically based on the info you entered in “work and Education” because if you hit the EDIT icon – it sends you to the section “work and education”

    This is what I have in my Jobs and Ed section:


    I want to EDIT the overview section to have the RLP logo and my job at RLP FIRST.

    FACEBOOK – has put the logo and my board position of the other thing I do, first. This is a volunteer position – but it IS important to show in my profile bc many of my clients and prospects will recognize this – I just DONT WANT IT to be first and I don’t understand why FB selected that UCC logo to put on my ‘overview’ section, instead of RLP ?????



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    Mike Wrobel posted: “Profile, Group or Page: What’s the difference? Understanding the differences between Facebook profiles, pages and groups can help form your social media strategy: Profile: Your personal presen”

    • Hi Nadia,

      Thanks for asking the question. The way Facebook organizes your work is by most recent to least recent. Because you don’t have a date on the Ukranian Canadian Congress it’s assuming it’s the more recent one and listing it first. The only way to change this would be to list a date that is older than your Royal LePage.

      For example, if you had 2 workplaces:
      Sales Rep @ Royal LePage from 2001 to present
      Broker @ Royal LePage from 2009 to present
      Then the broker workplace listing would show up first.

      Unfortunately, it’s not something that anyone has real control over, it’s the way FB decided to display it!

      I hope this helps,

      Thank you kindly,


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