Electronic Signatures: An Efficient Way to Sign Documents


By Christian Longpré

The electronic signature is an indispensable tool in today’s world, but it isn’t used to its fullest potential.

For almost two years, I’ve used electronic signatures for documents with my buying and selling clients. I’ve received excellent feedback each time because this technology is fast, efficient, and adapted to our quick paced, daily lives. My clients appreciate the simplicity of this tool the most. No more printing out a document, signing it, faxing it or scanning it to return it to the broker. All this can be done in just one step, regardless of where you are at the time of the transaction.

For example, some of my clients were vacationing in Florida and had to sign the acceptance of a promise to purchase. Not having a fax machine or printer at their disposal, they thought they had to visit an office to complete the transaction, which would have wasted time in the middle of their vacation. So, I suggested they use an electronic signature.

I simply uploaded the promise to purchase into the electronic signature system and indicated the places in the document where the clients had to sign. They then received an email containing a link and simply followed the instructions and clicked on the places indicated in order to accept the promise to purchase. When all steps were completed, the clients received the signed form saved in PDF format to keep for their own records. They were very pleased with the ease of the transaction and of not having to print out a document.  Another advantage was that their promise to purchase was archived in their email account, which reduced the risk of losing or damaging the document.

Electronic signatures have also been very useful to me in a different context. I was showing a condo for the second time and at the end of the showing, the clients expressed a desire to carry out an agreement of purchase or sale. Because we were pressed for time, I created the promise to purchase on the spot and uploaded it into my electronic signature system. This saved me from having to go back to the office. The clients signed the promise to purchase on site and received the final document via email.

Using electronic signatures makes me more efficient and allows clients to sign documents more quickly – a huge asset when you think about the hectic pace of daily life in 2015. Sometimes, it’s what makes the difference in the purchasing process, especially when there are multiple potential buyers. Documents can be signed from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

For Quebec brokers, two providers have received OACIQ accreditation with regards to electronic signatures: e-SignLive and e-Z-Sign. It’s up to you to choose the system that works best for you!

Best of luck!

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