Protecting Your Commission: Tips from Chris Leader and the Leader’s Edge Training

How do you protect your commission in the face of objection? Master trainer Chris Leader joined Learning Services on July 15 to provide specific tactics to overcome commission objections that many of us face during listing appointments.

For highlights from this engaging webinar, click on the key messages below to listen to Chris’s insights:

  1. Understand the true impact that reducing your commission has on the long term health of your business: While your fee may be reduced, the expectations of the client will remain the same. This will affect your repeat and referral business as you won’t be able to meet and exceed client expectations on your reduced budget.
  2. The four As of protecting your commission: 
    • Awareness: You are worth every penny you earn and you need to believe it.  You take on a tremendous amount of risk.
    • Ability: Develop the muscle reflex to address the commission issue head on (See the section below for Chris’s specific tactics to be well prepared for any objection).
    • Analyse: Understand what it costs to run your business before you give your profit away. If you don’t have your business plan, watch our Business Planning webinar with Chris Leader (You can watch it here).
    • Assess your worth: Commissions are negotiable up, as well as down.  If you are working on a difficult deal, ask for a higher commission.
  3. Overcoming common commission objections:

Join Learning Services and Chris Leader live on August 19 at 2 p.m. EDT / 11am PT for the next live Sales Success webinar “Is it time to build a team?” (See below to understand the registration process).  If you are in the Greater Toronto area, you can also join Chris during his “Bank on Buyers” tour.  For more information visit:

Registration Process: Registration is not required for the webinar, however you can indicate that you plan to attend to add the webinar to your Google Calendar.  Simply click ‘yes’ to answer ‘Are you going to watch?’ on the right side column of the above link’s landing page.


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