Gather Valuable Information with Google Forms

Whether you are planning an event, creating a survey or poll, or collecting contact information on a landing page, you can do it all in an easy, streamlined way with Google Forms. Subscriptions to services like Survey Monkey range from $228 to $780 annually, but Google Forms offers similar functionality and is available at no cost!

This month’s Building Your Tech Toolkit webinar covers what you need to know to start using Google Forms. The webinar covered how to:

  • Use Google Forms to obtain consent from clients to send email and comply with Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL).
  • Create different question types. From multiple choice to text to rating items on a scale, Google Forms provides a range of ways to ask questions and collect data.
  • Use themes or customize your own theme to create visually appealing surveys. Modify fonts and insert images for maximum impact.
  • Distribute a form and begin collecting responses. You can embed the form on an existing website, share the link or email it directly to respondents.
  • Analyze responses. Google Forms will automatically create graphs (depending on the question type) to help you organize the results and all responses will be saved and time stamped in a Google Sheet document (spreadsheet). Plus, you can set up notifications so that you know whenever someone completes one of your surveys.Google Forms Icon

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