Marketing to millennials

Tips for appeal to young, first-time buyers

iStock_000018534545XLarge_vgajic_sizedWhile somewhat slow to the table, millennials, those born since 1980, have strong intentions to eventually purchase a home. Follow these five tips to earn their trust and increase your sales potential:

1.Millennials want information. And lots of it;

2.Don’t tell millennials what to do. Provide them with
information they need to make their own decisions;

3.Millennials are multi-channeled. You have to be
everywhere– multiple screens, and yes, even print;

4.They are impressed by honesty and transparency.
Tell it like it is, be forthcoming, and know that honesty is the best policy;

5.Millennials aren’t thinking about home ownership per se – they are thinking about living. Your message should reflect live-style benefits.

For more information, see ‘Millennials Could Hold the Key to Housing Recovery,” RISMedia and Millennials Respond to Brand Transparency – for Health and Other Products,” eMarketer.

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