CASL: Creating a linked email consent letter

We have received a number of queries regarding how to create a “Yes, I consent” link within an opt-in email to comply with the Canadian Anti Spam Law (CASL) requirements that come into force on July 1. While a variety of approaches have been undertaken at our brokerages, the following method may serve your purposes adequately.

Note: This solution is illustrated in Gmail format, however, you should be able to create the same effect within other email platforms.

If you have questions, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-757-4545.

David Bradshaw,
Manager, Customer Care


Creating a Simple “I Consent” Link

Let’s keep communicating!

My goal is to provide information that is relevant and of value to my current and past clients. Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL), which comes into force on July 1, 2014, requires me to obtain your consent to receive electronic communications.

Please provide your consent to continue to receive my newsletters, invitations and other information and communications that you currently receive from me.

I consent to receiving future communications from you.

Yes, I consent.

Thank You for your time,

Fred Jones
Sales Representative
Royal LePage Perfection Realty

123 8th Ave, City, ON

To create something similar to the example above:

1. Create your message.
2. To create the link, highlight the words you wish for the link. In the case of the message above, you would highlight “Yes, I Consent.” Then, click the Insert link button on the toolbar at the bottom of the Gmail compose window.





3. In the link window:










○ The “Text to display” field will already display the text you highlighted.

○ Enter the following as the web address: Subject Line goes here&body=This is the text that will appear in the body of the message

○ The RED parts are where you add your custom content.

E.g. Consent&body=Please include your name:

4. When “I consent” is clicked an email message like this one will appear:













5. Once you are satisfied with the message, copy and paste the content into a new message and send it to your entire database using BCC.
6. Track responses to this message as they come in and manage your database accordingly.

4 thoughts on “CASL: Creating a linked email consent letter

  1. I appreciate this information, however after a few hours of attempting to make this email consent link work for me, I am afraid I am to computer illiterate to make this work, is there any simpliar ways to get consent from my data base? Appreciate your assistance

  2. Unfortunatley they have no experience with this and could not provide any assistance, however they have a document that I can forward to my client data base, still waiting for that document to me emailed to me. Wish I were more tech savy.

  3. Hi Lloyd, Customer Care will be calling you shortly. They sent the document to you but it appears it bounced. They will call you to clarify both your email address and what you need to do.

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