Terrific use of video gives Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam an edge


Kyle Hislop

Sales manager Kyle Hislop is helping Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam agents stand out with an innovative view of homes in the Chilliwack area.

Agents at the brokerage are gaining business through the use of video produced from a high-flying drone and graceful walk-through tours that appear to float from room to room.

“Our agents are winning listings and homeowners are getting results with our super slick video productions,” says Hislop. The recent success is the result of Hislop’s savvy marketing idea and brokerage owner Stuart Muxlow’s investment in state-of-the-art video technology. The brokerage’s investment includes a remote-controlled drone that shoots stunning aerial video of a home’s exterior and geographic setting. For interior shots, an ultra wide-angle motion-stabilized camcorder is employed, shooting high-definition home tours. The resulting video from both the aerial drone and interior “steady camcorder” is smooth, slick and effortlessly takes viewers on a home tour like no other.

“Nobody else in the Fraser Valley is doing what we are doing,” says Hislop.“It’s given Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam an edge.”

The Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter is designed for aerial photography. The device is operated by a hand-held radio frequency control unit, with two joysticks. It interfaces with video display on a smartphone, so you can see exactly what the device camera sees.

The technology does come with two provisos. First, the brokerage (or agent if they choose to go-it alone) needs to add the appropriate liability insurance to cover damage in the highly unlikely event that the drone causes damage. In Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam’s case, the brokerage simply added a rider to their existing liability insurance. In addition, flight plans need to be filed online with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through Transport Canada prior to any aerial deployment of the drone. “The filing of flight plans is simply a safe-guard and relatively simple to do,” says Hislop.  “The requirement is designed to safeguard against the drone interfering with aircraft. In our case, that’s not what we are doing at all.  Our flights are low altitude and would not in any way interfere, but it is a requirement and we fulfill our obligation each time we shoot a video.”

The video initiative has been a boon to recruiting at the brokerage. “Our video capabilities have resulted in a number of new recruits,” says Stuart Muxlow. “Anytime you can offer something new in the way of technology, agents see value in that.”

Royal LePage Wheeler Cheam is reaping the benefits as are the homeowners who come to them for a video marketing advantage. Kudos to the entire Wheeler Cheam team!


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